3 Signs You're a Time Management Guru

Have you ever wondered if you are good at managing your time, or maybe you want to know who in your office is secretly a time management guru. Like everything in life, understanding if you're good at time has a few "side effects" that can be seen or exhibited by a person. Below are three signs your are a time management guru, living with one, or in the present of a secret one. 

  1. Is someone well rested? I know it sounds a little odd but the truth is that in today’s world so many people are not well rested at all, and this is because they do not know how to properly manage their time. Instead of getting things done in short periods of time and not having much to do when they go home, instead they are forced to stay up into the wee hours of the night and get more done. The likelihood that you are both well rested and a time management guru is slim to none in my opinion.

  2. They don’t feel stress or always seem to be happy. This is one that you are actually going to have to ask a person. There is currently very few ays to predict if someone truly is stressed or not, but if you are like me and are able to claim without a doubt that you don’t feel stress it is probably because you are good with time. If you are able to handle getting things done quickly and not be stressed at all then you are certainly going to be a secret time management guru. This is because stress is usually born from deadlines, burnout, and massive work loads, but if manage your time properly than you are certainly going to avoid it.

  3. When they give you a list of what they do, it is never ending. Someone that is focused and good with getting things done is going to be a person that does a hundred different things. When it comes to my friends the ones that are “SUPER BUSY,” are the ones that are great managing their time because they are able to get school out of the way, work, and also have a thousand other things on their plates. For me I would never been able to take 20+ units a semester at Berkeley and finish in 2 years if I didn’t know how to manage my plate and time.

Overall if someone is a secret time management guru than they are going to be exhibiting a lot more traits…Most likely they’re going to be the happy one, the one that goes to the gym, the ones that eats well, and the one that is able to stay feeling good all the time. If you aren't a time management guru than you most likely are wasting tons of hours everyday, but it isn't too late, you can learn to be good with time with just a little research.

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