Three Simple ways to be More Productive Today

Work is something we all do, and you may say you are being very productive but are you? While I’m not going to answer that question, what I am going to do is give you three really simple and easy ways to boost your productivity today. Hopefully keeping this article productively short.

  1. The power spreadsheet. So usually I’m against making lists, but a few weeks ago I started using this tactic and I love it. Here’s how it works, ever morning on you iPhone or device open a new note and write the three main objectives of the day. They should be things that can’t be attained in a day, so think wisely, can you lose 10 pounds in a day (not unless you cut it off), so that should be an objective. This power list will help for two reasons if used right, one it will show you that today I’ve got to do X,Y & Z, and to accomplish this I must complete T before I go to this meeting and R before this time. You’ll be able to better prioritize what needs to be done so your able to accomplish your objectives.
  2. Apps. Apps. Apps. There are apps to answer emails, auto respond to phone calls, build better lists and so much more. If you aren’t using these new and awesome tools that can save time, get on it. Take a few minutes at night to check out the apps that are helping people in your industry. Don’t be against chance because some of these tools can save hours, do simple tasks, and help you live a more productive day. (I won’t recommend any because the tools that work for me and businesses aren’t going to necessarily work for you).
  3. Do what’s most important early. If you know you’re going to be leaving to pick up the kids or family at 3 make sure to start printing your crucial work docs at 10am. No matter what the situation is if it is super important don’t waste your time doing anything but those take. We are usually most productive the first 90 minutes of our work day, so if you have a brief that could save a life get it done early. This will not only help you feel super accomplished throughout the day, helping you get more work done, but it will also free you up to finish 100s of small and easy less important tasks.

These are just three really easy things that you can start to employ in your life today to get more things done.

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