Procrastination Everywhere!

This week I got an awesome question, and it is one I get quite often. It asked are people at Harvard, MIT, [or Berkeley] procrastinators? Here’s the answer I gave verbatim to the person, and then here’s three tips to stop procrastination. 

 Yes. Yes. Yes. I can not speak for every student that goes to these schools, but when I was at Harvard my friends where the biggest procrastinators in the world.

Same goes for my UC Berkeley friends! I know you didn’t ask, but I just thought I’d put it out there.

What you have to understand is that the students that go to these schools are smart, driven, and excited about these experiences, but they are stilll students. They don’t want to study every minute or never go to a party.

So do they procrastinate, I can’t speak for everyone, but the ones I met and engaged with where just like every other college students. 

Now here’s three simple tips to avoid procrastination in college and life. 

1. Don’t take classes or jobs that you don’t love. You aren’t going to love everything in college, but you can work the system to take things that aren’t really bad. If you know “c” Professor is really bad, but the spring Professor tries to make the class funny then take that course. No matter how much you try if you don’t like something than you are not going to try to get things done or have any real passion to get things done. So do things you love, like, or have an interest in and you won’t want to procrastinate as much. 

2. The 10-20-15-15 rule. Whether it’s life or college if you’re focusing on one thing for more than 10-20 minutes you are not going to be very productive. Science tells us that we can hold attention for a set period of time. If you’re studying spend ten minutes reading, 20 minutes writing and taking notes, 15 minutes doing anything that has nothing to do with what you where just doing (I.e watch YouTube listen to a podcast), and finally spend the last 15 minutes reviewing what you did before.  

3. Lastly, avoid procrastination by getting it done when you get the task. This one takes a little work because it requires that you not already have a full plate. Once you’re able to cut down what you have to do to like two or three things, then you can easily avoid procrastination by just doing the task when it is fresh and just given to you. 

So the moral is this, everyone procrastinates and these are three simple ways to actually avoid it! 

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