Weekends aren't Mini-Vacations!

So many people love to ask how do you get so much done and at the same time avoid burning yourself out, and the simple answer is that I don’t take huge blocks of time off without doing anything. Before I continue let me be clear I sleep 10 hours a day, watch TV or YouTube for another 3 hours a day, and work at everything else. I have a few successful businesses and am actively doing a thousand different things that nothing to do with anything that makes me money.

Here’s the big secret and it lies in the fact that I don’t believe just because a day is called a Weekend that this means that I should not being doing any work. Instead of simply taking the entire weekends off and burning myself to make up the time throughout the week I flip the idea on its head.

I take a few hours off each and every day instead of entire days off. Here is the logic that I have and you should follow because I’ve found it works really well. The idea stems from a study habit that I had, and it goes like this. Instead of spending five hours a day working on things I spend four hours doing the thing and I take an hour off. I do this each and every day and thus by week’s end I’ve “lost” five hours of “work time,” but by adding in a session of 2.5 hours on Saturday and Sunday I’m able to gain those hours back.

So what did I gain overall though? The answer is simple instead of burning myself, not having any fun on the weekdays, and trying to cram everything good in on two days I no longer worry about the week days or the weekends. By this I mean Monday or Sunday, something is getting done on the work front and the fun front.

So, do you think you should take the weekends off, or do you think that you would enjoy taking a little time off everyday, but incorporating the weekends into your schedule?

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Saliba Faddoul Jr.Comment