One Phrase to a Stress Free Life

Everyone thinks that living a stress-free life is some hard thing with a huge secret behind it, but in actuality living a stress-free life can be boiled down to just a few words. These few words are a simple and easy way to get that weight of the world feeling off of your back, and save you so much time in the process. "Forget about it," is possibly the best phrase when it comes to living a life with minimum stress, and understanding that sometimes there is nothing you can do about everything. Here are five reasons why everyone should employ the "Forget about it," attitude in their lives in order to reduce stress.

1. It is a simple task, that will force you to stop thinking about something. When you decide that you are going to forget about something you are making a concise decision to let it go, and that is the first step in learning to reduce stress. By letting your worries and imperfections go you will allow yourself to calm your body and mind. 

2. You will learn that you can't control everything. Trying to control everything is a classic problem with many kids and adults, and by understanding that some things are just beyond your control is a critical step in reducing your worry and stress. When you learn that everything is not easy to control and you can't control everything you start to let it go, and when you do that you stop stressing the little things. 

3. You will stop being a crazy perfectionist. The idea here is to understand when you have reached a point when you have given it your all, and know that no matter what you add or do now you will never be able to do it better. Many people stress about the little details, which is ok sometimes, but a majority of the time leads to unwanted and unneeded headaches, stress, and a sense of not being able to finish anything. Understanding that you sometimes have to forget about something and move on will help you get more done and reduce your overall stress load. 

4. Learn from past mistakes, but forget them as well. When you dwell on the past you devote much-needed brain power to thinking about something that you can not change. No matter what you think you would've done differently it means nothing because it is OVER. Understanding the difference between dwelling on the past and learning from your past is important because one will push you forward, while one forever holds you back. Forget about the past, learn from the past, but in the end move on.

5. It comes naturally to most people. Most people naturally forget about everything after a while, and as the saying goes "best kept the past buried," is an idea that everyone should follow. When we try to drudge up the past and never forget about it, we allow ourselves to go against our natural nature of forgetting things. Don't spend your time, brain power, and energy focusing on something that you should've already forgotten. Everybody does it, and you should allow time to heal all your wounds by forgetting about it.

These five reasons should convince everyone that forgetting about something is the key to having less stress and more brain power. It allows you to free your mind of things that don't matter anymore and allows you to stop worrying about things that can not change. So, FORGET ABOUT IT, you'll be happy you did!  


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