Take an Internship or Get a Job

Whether you are starting college or just getting ready to finish college you need to ask yourself a major question and that is do I get a job or do I get an internship? The answer to the questions are different for every person, but below are three reasons you should take one over another. 

1. You can not get a job in the field you want. Sometimes the jobs that we want to do are in an industry that has few jobs or few internships. Doing research on the industry that you want to enter and finding the right company to work with is key to starting either of these two experiences. Yet, sometimes we find that the dream job that we want does not exist at the company at the time you are applying, but they may have an internship. In this scenario, it is key to take an internship not a job because it will allow you to gain a foot into the company you want to work with, and that could be key to landing a job later. Remember that companies would rather hire or promote from within when possible! 

2. You need to pay your way through school. Sometimes that dream company may not offer a job, and you are only offered an unpaid internship. This is one of those times you need to weigh the plusses and minuses of what you want to do. If you need to pay your way through school then you need to realize that the dream job, can only really happen with that education, and thus the job that pays is the path that you are going to need to get the dream job. Sometimes a job that you may find you do not like will lead you to the job that you love, and understanding the give and take of the world is key to understanding whether or not the payout is the one that you want in life.

3. The opportunity? Opportunity is more than just the job that you plan on doing, it is the people that you are going to work with, the firm you are a part of, the location of the firm,  the owner of the firm, and so many other things. Sometimes an opportunity is paid and other times it is not, but the key to understanding the worth of the job is key. One job may pay $45.00 an hour and be nice, but one may give you the chance to work in the office of the CEO of a medical company that you one day hope to work for. Yes, both offer good opportunity one in the form of money and one in the form of experience, but really does $45.00 an hour equate to working with the CEO of your dream company? Sometimes the key to success is not what you start off having in the back (I.e $45.00 an hour), but the connections that you will have the opportunity to form could be worth far more!

In summation, the key to job or internship is a fine line that people should be walking, but the key to success in either of those rests on the three things I mentioned above. No matter what the pay the internship could provide you with a better opportunity sometimes, but sometimes the pay matters and the internship can mean nothing. Think about the following three things and decide. Good Luck! 

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