College Your Way How to Finish College Faster

College is a tricky place to be and not understanding what to do in college can lead to years of your life being wasted. I'm not advocating whether or not college is something you should do, I'll do that in a future article, but what I am advocating is to understand what you should be doing at college. In the past, I've talked about taking a thousand different subjects, about a thousand different things, but what I've never done is advocate for you to look at the rules for graduation. I earned a Bachelors of Science in just two years, but it was just as much a logistical challenge as it was an educational challenge. Below are three places you need to befriend (possibly become more than a friend) with in order to finish college in the best way possible.

1. The Rules for Graduation. Everyone thinks that you need to finish your major, earn 120 Units, and you're out the door, but the truth is some colleges and some majors have extras that you may not have seen when you signed up. No matter how many questions you ask an advisor, make sure to look into every little thing about your degree to save time later. Every college has the magic number of 120, but many colleges have other things that can help count as extra "free units." For example, UC Berkeley offered awesome classes called DeCals, that allowed you to explore another course, without worrying about a grade or much work. These courses allowed 3-4 Units (all in total)of fun that gave you a different perspective on life or a subject as a whole.

2. The Office of the Professor. Finishing college and earning GREAT grades cannot happen without the help of your professor. No matter if there are 400 or 40 students in your course, going to office hours is key to understanding what to do and how to do it. A professor will tell you what they like, how they like it, and the best ways to study and learn. The library doesn't do that, friends don't do that, but the professor does, and this is why they are possibly one of the best resources for understanding your path through college. Remember they've already finished school and the odds that their path looked like yours is high. Use your professor's knowledge to your advantage because they really are your best friends when it comes to ace-ing the course. Pro-Tip sometimes they’ll point you and the other office hour crew towards topics they are pretty sure will help you better with the exam.

3. The School's Website. The school's website is something that believe it or not can help you graduate fast. Unlike the professor, this will not help you to do well or finish your classes, but it will help you to find summer courses early. This is the true key to graduation and it is called the summer. Understanding the courses you need and learning about the ones that you can take in summer will help you to finish semesters in months. Most schools break the summer into four sections and when planned properly you can finish up to 24 Units in those four sections, without much of a problem. Now before you say summer is for having fun I want to remind you that a summer course usually only takes about 2 hours twice a week to finish, and there are a ton of colleges that offer transferable credits with simple to understand, fun, and flexible online courses. So spend the day at the beach in summer, take two hours to tune into a course, and then get back to having your fun in the sun.

Overall, finishing college is more than doing well in your courses, and it's more than understanding the material it's a game of playing the units. Combined with the major requirement books, the professors, and the school's website, anybody can finish school faster than normal and gain an easy advantage in life. Listening to the advice of someone who did it in two years, may not be what you're keen on, but understanding that you can do it also will help you to accelerate your life.

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