Why are you Learning about that?

In life, learning something new is a thing that everyone enjoys doing, but there are so many times in life where the question of why has come up. Why are you learning this, or isn't your major that? These questions have always puzzled me and that is the topic of today's article. Instead of wondering why someone is learning something that has nothing to do with their particular life, you should wonder why aren't you learning it. Below are three reasons or things you should ask yourself before you ask someone why they need to know that?

1. Know a little about everything. Understanding everything is impossible, knowing something about everything is not. Whether you are the smartest person in the room or not, has nothing to do with whether or not you have the ability to learn. Using your simple ability to read can grant you knowledge about everything. I'm not an astronomer, but through books and TV shows, I know that there are thousands of planets being discovered by the space satellite Kepler. This idea of understanding something about everything allows you to make many new connections and converse on almost all topics knowledgeably.

2. Who knows who you may need in life. This idea touches upon the last sentence of the first idea about knowing a little about everything in life. Business takes no direct path in life and no matter what field (s) of business you conduct you are always going to need to get information that ties back into making your business better. That information could come from an unlikely source that you may have charmed before in life. Understanding that everybody you talk with and everything you talk about helps to raise your image is key to working in this country. When you can converse on all subjects you have a chance to meet a wide array of people, that may one day turn out to be crucial to your business. Talk to everyone about anything and you will grow your connections and thus grow your business.

3. The next great thing. No body knows what the next billion dollar idea is going to be or where it is going to come from, but what we can do is prep ourselves for it. By understanding different things and knowing all sorts of subjects you can better equip yourself to learn about emerging industries before others may see them. By understanding, for example, science you can understand or see a solution for a product that has nothing to do with that industry but can help yours. Knowledge is power, goes the saying, but knowledge is also the vision of the future that can help you succeed. Understanding that you may not see any new things coming out of your industry, and adapting to learning many new industries can be the difference between getting big or losing everything.

The reasons and ideas or why you should learn a little bit about everything could go on all day, but the overall thing that you should take away from this article is that understanding new things can help you to grow your connections and business. Both of which are crucial to your survival in the business world, and your future expansions.

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