Five things wrong with the Educational System

Education in the US is something that is very important for everybody, but the educational system in the US is not the best thing. This is not for a lack of people trying to change it, but for a lack of understanding of education. Many people in the system understand the issues that it has, but at the same time, many people fail to realize the very obvious issues that sit before their very eyes. The educational system lacks a proper thought process and understanding of children. I am the not the first to think any of the points that I will mention further, but even though many know the points things don't change even where they can. In other words, many schools do not have the funding to change the things that I will talk about, and yet schools with massive amounts of money are still not working to fix the process. Here are five things that I think must be changed in order for education to properly work for everyone in this country.

1. Grades. This is the worst part of a school. Who is a teacher, professor, or elder to tell me or anyone else that you should get "blank" on this assignment? Yes, many subjects have definitive answers and yet many subjects to do not. This idea of placing some number on a specific section makes no sense because what if a child understands one part of a subject but not another. The answer is they fail, and yet grades don't take into account all the knowledge that children or adults have. Maybe they missed 2+2 and said 5, but the questions should not be worth anything because maybe they arrived at this number logically. Yes, the answer is 4 and 5 are not correct, but what if they arrived at five in a way that logically makes sense to them based on something a teacher said. This is a simple example and thus can't be understood easily, but image a 10 part algebra question. What if 8 of 10 steps were correct in the teacher's eyes, but the final two steps were marked wrong because of a simple error. The possibility that the student understood a portion and not all of the assignment is right or wrong.

2. Teachers. Teachers are great and there is no greater profession for many people, but at the same time, they carry some of the issues in this system. Not because of anything they do, but because of the lack of support that they get in schools. Teachers must handle all sorts of children and thus are tasked with the idea of teaching a genius, a smart kid, and the class clown all at the same time. No classroom can take into account everyone's needs when teaching and thus many students either don't get enough time, too much time, or no time at all. We need to figure out a system (like Khan Academy) that allows students to learn before entering the classroom so that everyone can just ask questions. Thus this will allow teachers to explain and not try to teach to a group of kids that all learn differently.

3. Cookie Cutter Model. This is a phrase that I heard when I was in school, and think is one of the biggest problems. All I will say about this is everyone learns differently. No two people learn the same way and no two people understand things the same way, and thus children should not be treated like a factory line with information being shoved into their heads.

4. Opinions. Many subjects in school allow the teacher to base the grade of things on opinions and this is wrong. I can not tell you how many teachers have spent their time teaching me the side of the story that they want me to know. It is clear that everyone is going to take the side of "A"  or "B", but many teachers will not award the same credit to the side that is against their opinions. Beyond this many teachers will only award points to assignments that meet their norms. My 8th-grade teacher once said, "in high school, if a teacher says use green paper, don't ask why just do it." This idea is not odd in high school or college so many classes are based on opinions or ways a teacher likes things done. For example, English, Writing, Reading, History, and even Math can be done in a way that someone likes over another way.

5. Everything else. The Educational System has WAY more than four or five problems, and some more of them include large classes. Too many students not interested in the subjects they are learning, to many subjects that have nothing to do with life and much more. So many classes in school teach you things that most of us will not use or want to use in life and this is wrong. Every class should have a use in practical society and every teacher should be able to explain that use. That is just one more example of everything and there are many more.

All in all, the educational system has many good things that are going for it, but too many things that are all wrong. It is important to stop and realize that we need to invest in changing the way that we teach children in this country because if we don't so many more are going to fail. The only way everyone succeeds is if we take everyone into account.

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