When to Leave a Job

Leaving a job isn’t an easy task, but failing to leave at the right moment will only cause you stress, anxiety, and a sense of self loathing. Most people leave a job for a few simple reasons, they can be paid more somewhere else, they will be promoted with another company, they will have an easier commute, they will have a better team, and the list goes on. Yet so many people fail to do one thing and that’s leave a job because they’re no longer in LOVE with it, dissatisfied, and or no longer compatible with their coworkers. For the sake of this article I’m going to focus on the three reasons people don’t leave jobs, and discuss why these should be the moments it’s time to go! 

  1. They are dissatisfied with the work. Everyone says a job is not suppose to be fun, it’s suppose to make you money. Why? Who said it can’t be fun, and why should you spend more than eight hours a day at a place where you aren’t having fun. I’m not saying that every moment needs to be a trip to Disneyland, but what I’m saying is why should it be boring. In today’s economy the need to have a desk job, a factory job, or any job that doesn’t bring you a little excitement is becoming ever more unnecessary. With the rise of the side hustle, online sales, simple work from home options, and many other avenues money doesn’t need to come from an unhappy place. So if you are no longer excited about your job and feel dissatisfied with it, leave. There is nothing worse than waiting around hoping something bad is going to get better. 

  2. People change. Life changes. Employees at a company change. Most likely when you took your job the people around you had many of the same ideas and interests as you, but as time moves on people start to change. Many times people that no longer believe the same things as you, have the same opinions as you, or are looking for the same things as you start working alongside you. For example an older Athlete may no longer want to go out and party, go for after game drinks, or be looking to date. Instead they’re focused on money management, families, and the end stages of their careers. The same things holds true for anyone in any job, after a while you aren’t going to be compatible with the people around you, which isn’t a bad thing, but it becomes harder to compare and thus harder to work there. You become stressed and annoyed that everyone else is doing “X,”and no longer enjoy what you do. So if you start to see a big change in the people around you decide is this an environment that still helps me with life. 

  3. Lastly, am I doing something I LOVE! This has nothing to do with being happy, this has to do with LOVE! A great example of this are lawyers, many of them go into Law School wanting to change the world, but then realize student loans must be repaid and they drift towards the law that they may not love. This is the same thing for any job, are you doing it for a paycheck or because you love it. If you’re doing it just for a paycheck you should start looking elsewhere. Doing something you don’t love just for a paycheck is why people have midlife crises. They realize that they are not where they wanted to be in life, hate what they do, and want a change. Avoid the hassle of such a crisis and instead change what you’re doing to something you LOVE. Can’t find something you LOVE that will pay the bills, stay at your job, and find a way to slowly build a job, company, or business that you’ll LOVE to work at. 

Yes, leaving a job is no simple task, but staying in something that no longer makes you happy, isn’t an environment that works anymore, and isn’t something you love is useless to you. At the end of the day bills will be paid, but will you be happy. Will you be living your full life? Will you be enjoying yourself? Or will you be angry, agitated, stressed, and just going through the endless motions till death. Get out of the jobs you hate. 

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