How to Ask for a Raise (And Get it) in Six Simple Steps

If you work for a living this article is for you because today we are talking about the steps and tips to negotiate a raise. We’ll be walking you through the steps and tips that we learned on how to ask for a raise. We talked to bosses, business owners, HR people, and employees and found out the best tips for asking for a raise! So stop accepting your current salary and start asking for more money. Remember if you are valuable and have proven your worth, many companies will reward you!

Tell your boss what your goals are working at the company, and ask him/her how you are doing so far. This is crucial to actually getting the raise because you’re going to get exactly what he/she thinks you are doing well, and be able to use it to your advtage. It’s also important to tell him/her your goals because then they’ll be able to connect with you on what you actually want to get out of this position. (If you’re working somewhere for just the money/paycheck then you may want to reconsider if you should still be there— but I digress).

  1. Tell them what you’ve done that has worked out well for the company. This helps to show your boss that you are a team player, invaluable to the company, and you have successfully helped the company make more money. Don’t be shy about having increased “x” by “y” this quarter, but also don’t be to pushy about it. Just mention that you were the one with the killer idea to switch to “h” which saved the company hundreds.

  2. Tell us why you deserve the raise. This is key to actually getting the raise because sometimes just being able to demonstrate that you’re valuable and know why you are valuable will compel your boss to take a second look at your request. It is also important to remind yourself that you are talking about why you “deserve” the raise not why you want or need a raise. Show your boss that your not asking for something you need or want, but something that you know you deserve.

  3. Practice, practice, practice. So many people think it’s dumb to practice a speech in the mirror, but you want to be able to know what you’re going say, when you’re going to say it, and how you want to say. There is nothing worse than stumbling around and saying the wrong thing when asking for more money. You should have exactly what you’re going to say down and done before you even walk into the room.

  4. Know the facts and numbers. While you can never really know what your colleagues make there are so many websites that tell you national averages. Know your research on these things and be able to say I’m making blank less than the national average, and here’s why I deserve this new number. Remember to use the word deserve because we aren’t asking because we need the money, it is because we feel we deserve the money!

  5. Know every question the boss may ask and have an answer already ready. So many people walk having walked through their speech of what they are going to say, but lose everything when a question is thrown their way. Don’t lose focus and don’t look like you’re scrabbling for an answer. Think about the possible responses and questions your boss can ask you and come up with some great answers. Never just walk suddenly and unprepared because according to our experts, if you show you’ve got the answers to what they are looking for you’re more likely to win the raise!

  6. Lastly, be ready to hear NO, but don’t just walk away. Sometimes no matter how good of a speech or idea you have you are going to be told “no.” This is fine, tell them thank you for listening, but also remember tos ay something like. “Maybe we can rereview this in 6-months or next quarter?” Also don’t be afraid to ask why they can’t give you the raise. Don’t be mean about, but ask what can I do better to get this or what am I doing now that I can fix that will lead to this.

Overall the the best way to get a raise is in a one on one meeting. If you follow these steps and understand them you’re going to be able to get that raise, more times than not. If you love this type of article or want more info about your career going into hyperdrive check out our YouTube channel. We publish awesome new videos and answers on how to advance your career everyday!

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