Being a Good Manager & A Kind Person

Everyone always discusses how difficult it is to be “kind,” but still lay down the law with your employees. The first issue with this stems from the fact that you think employees work for you, when in actuality they are working with you, but that is a story for another time. 

The simple answer is the original question though is, yes,

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Drop it & Be Happy

In life there are moment that define who we are and what we do, but at the end of the day we need to remember that the past is the past and holding onto it is not going to help us. Yes, the past makes us who we are and the history of our lives and the lives of others helps change the future, but we can not continue to hold onto the past. In today’s Youtube video we talked about a motivational monkey that taught us that sometimes we needed to remove the things that are holding us back.

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When to Leave a Job

Leaving a job isn’t an easy task, but failing to leave at the right moment will only cause you stress, anxiety, and a sense of self loathing. Most people leave a job for a few simple reasons, they can be paid more somewhere else, they will be promoted with another company, they will have an easier commute, they will have a better team, and the list goes on.

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