Common Reasons People Give Up

When it comes to business, work, school, or life giving up is something that people do on a regular basis. Giving up on something happens for many reasons, and the only way that it's going to stop is if people understand the reasons they are giving up and actively work to defy those reasons. According to a recent survey, 59% of young Americans have given up on my concepts of the American dream, but if they could understand the root causes of this feeling to give up, most would think twice.

1. They expect fast results. Most (young) people start something and expect that it will be a hit by lunch, but things take the time to grow. Nothing happens overnight and when we sit back and believe that because it's been a week, with nothing to show for it, we are ready to quit and move on. Quitting and on something because it's taking a while to get going is easy, but understanding that everything takes time is what true champions are made of. When we get that it make take a week, a month, or a year for something to pick up only then will we be able to learn to wait.

2. They stop believing in themselves. Many people think that because one idea failed they have to give on it but the truth of the matter is if at first, you don't achieve you should try again and again. Many people see the first sign of troubles approaching and stop believing in their own abilities. It is crucial to remember that you can stop believing in anything and everything, but the second you stop believing in yourself you will be doomed to fail. 

3. They get caught up in the past. Many people see past failures or inabilities as markers for present day success. In order to succeed you must realize that the past is in the past, and only then will you be able to let the past go. Remembering that anything that has happened already happened and can not be changed is the only way that you will be able to move on. Moving on and forgetting the past is the best way to accomplish your goals. 

4. Dwell on their mistakes. Unlike forgetting about the past dwelling on your mistakes is both a good and bad thing as a whole. Some people dwell on their mistakes and it cripples them permanently, but others realize that mistakes are the only way that anybody ever learns. Those people, that learn from their mistakes, are the people that will be able to move on in life leaving the others in the "past." 

5.  Fear of the Future. This is by far the top reason on this list for why people give up, and it is something that many people just can not help. When you realize that the future is hidden it is hard for anybody, especially a leader complex because they are used to being able to control and see the issues that they will be facing down the road. Fear of the future is a powerful thing that makes everyone think twice before they make a move, but being afraid of the future and understand that you have considered your opinions is the only difference that really matters. You need to know that you have considered the possible issues but still jump when the opportunity strikes. 

These are just five of many reasons that people give up on tasks and things in life. If we are just able to understand and see why they are bad we can overcome these issues that challenge us. 

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