Building a Brand

Building a brand is by far one of the hardest things that anyone can do in society today. In the USA, thousands of brands exist and without massive amounts of ad dollars, you could get lost in the mix. Building a brand can happen on two different fronts the online front or the brick and mortar front. Neither is essentially an easy task, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to regard them as one thing. Here are five steps to help you build a brand for your small business. 

1.The Name. This is more important than the secret sauce that makes your brand taste awesome, and it is even more important than how much you make. This is true because making money will only come once people know you, and how it tastes also can only happen once people know who you are. It becomes clear that your name is the first thing that people will interact with, it's what they will see on the shelves or online, and it is what's going to drive them to pick up your product. 

2. The QUALITY product. Now that we have the name down and it's perfect, we can focus on the product. In order to build a brand that people like, trust, and enjoy buying you're going to need a quality, and the operative word here is quality. When someone buys whatever you're selling they're not going to want to feel as if it is cheap or that they could have done better, and that's why it's very important to have a product that is not only your "product" but a QUALITY product. 

3. Advertise. Putting your quality product out there is going to do nothing for you because it is likely that there are already many different products in the market that people can purchase. You're going to have to advertise, but this doesn't mean spending massive ad dollars. You can advertise by posting on free websites like guest blogs, twitter, Quora, and much more. If you have a physical product take it door to door to businesses and pitch it for sale or reach out to companies in your local area to see how you can get your product on the shelf. Advertising is a tricky game but it you walk the beat and push your products at every corner you can be successful, and don't forget to utilize social media because you're only one post away from going viral. 

4. Don't be a one hit wonder. Now that you have a name and a quality product you've probably started to receive some good sales. This is the moment that can cause the most problems if you are not careful. You need to make sure that your current product is continuing to be successful but at the same time find other products that can compliment the first. If you make a granola bar than you can make a differently flavored granola cereal to compliment it. This will help to grow you from a product to a brand. 

5. Keep Growing and Expanding. Once you have many products it is time to become that huge brand. Continuing the idea of making products that compliment your's, but at the same time venturing into new markets. If you make teas start pushing into coffee if you make granola bars start pushing into cookies and cakes, and so on and so forth. Once your brand has grown you can start to utilize the tactics from the beginning of the article to build it even bigger. 

Overal, build a brand is something that starts off as building your small business and over time develops into something bigger. Before you build your brand make sure to do your homework, get the proper permits, and never stop believing in it no matter how long it takes to get started. 

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