Making Bank While in College

College in the United States is expensive and most kids are coming out of it with huge student debt, with the average number being around $30,000.00. That’s a number that no one should owe anyone at 22, but in order to get your “dream” job so many people are forced to take on student debt.

The other half of this coin is even worse, and it has nothing to do with student debt but instead has to do with students not having enough. So many students lack the resources to have proper housing, a guaranteed roof over their heads, and so many other basic essentials because they’re paying for college. 

Don’t leave college with huge debt bills mounting, and don’t suffer while you’re there. Here are five ways to make money while on campus! 

Don’t mistake my tone of simple for easy. Yes, most of these things won’t require startup cash or major time commitments, but they will require hard work and dedication!

  1. Tutoring! You’ve probably heard this one from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but that’s because if done properly it can work. The key to making money while tutoring is how you sell yourself to the customer. You don’t want to just be a student at University, that will get you all of $20.00 an hour if you’re lucky. What you want to be is an expert in the field of which you are tutoring. How do you do that you ask? It requires a little time, if you’re good at English for example you say something like…I’m a published writer, native English speaker, with an Associates Degree in English (fun fact if you’ve done two years of college you already have this degree), and I’ve been tutoring for x number of years. These words immediately make you an extra $10.00 to $15.00 bucks an hour. I know because it’s exactly what I did when I was in college. A parent would start off wanting to pay $20 an hour, but by the time you’re done with your credentials and your knowledge you’ve pushed them up to at least $30–$40 an hour. Remember if you do a good job people will pay for the service you are offering!

Pro tip. Try popular tutoring websites like UpWork, Chegg, Wyzant & HeyTutor. I’ve personally used all of them and done very well!

Second Pro Tip. If you’re a native English speaker, accent and everything, many European and Asian parents will pay you top dollar ($30.00-$45.00/hour) to teach and prep their kids for American English courses! Do your research and Google teach foreign students online, you’ll thank me!

2. Sell anything. Now this is super easy and the basics of business right here. It’s the idea that you want to sell anything and everything! Online sales is a billion dollar industry and setting up shop on Amazon is super easy. You can sell anything, I recommend finding something as simple as a box of tea. Buy it from a store like Ross or Target for $4.00-$6.00 bucks, and then resale it for under $14.99. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to try and buy things online when they’re priced under $15.00 bucks.

Pro Tip. Make sure that what you buy has a great shelf life, is a quality and good product, and that you are legally allowed to resell it. The Amazon Seller Central has a section specifically that will tell if the product you want to sell can be sold by you!

3. Do your floors laundry. Ok so I never personally did this one, but a kid in the hallway did and he made a killing! You’d be surprised how many other kids to have money are willing to spend it on you doing their laundry for them. It isn’t hard, usually isn’t disgusting from what I’ve been told, super easy. You can buy the soaps and everything and offer a full service door to door laundry “mat.” The guy that did it on my floor at Berkeley would charge a flat $15.00 bucks to do one load of laundry, he’d wash, dry, and fold it for you.

Pro Tip. While he was doing the laundry, he was in their a lot, he was tutoring online, getting his homework done, and watching videos. A lot can be accomplished while waiting for a machine to finish!

4. Write a book, class, or anything and Sell it. This one is one that anyone can do because no matter what the thing, someone will be willing to pay for the information. Maybe you make the best party drinks, maybe you’re the one everyone asks about relationship advice, or maybe you’re the 12-year-old in Biology 1A that’s never missed a question. Whatever you can do, make a class, and teach someone else. It’s a great and fast passive income that can make you money una fast, simple, usually fun way.

Pro Tip. No matter what you are good at or how good a production person you are people will buy your course, book, or article if it’s got good info! I’ve been making video courses on Udemy for a couple years now, but my YouTube videos are still a mess!

5. Be a note taker for the school or other students. Ok so as much as everyone wants to claim they go to ever lecture, I and you know they all don’t. My Professor even once blew her lid because lectures had 20 people, and on the day of the midterm 150 kids showed up. I digress though. The kid next to me laughed and said that he was supplying notes for $20.00 a copy to all those kids that never showed up!

Pro Tip. Go to your campuses disability and services center and ask if they are hiring more takers for the semester. No matter what course, major, or Professor the disability center hires students in almost every class to take GOOD detailed notes for those that can’t because of a true disability!

So these are the five simple ways to make money while you’re also in college. While I personally did not do all of them, I did do a ton of them and more, and can say I did pretty good for myself.