Four Free Places to Market Your Product

Without marketing something there is a very little chance of finding success on the internet, but marketing doesn’t have to mean paid marketing. Here are four easy ways to market a product for FREE.

  1. Social Media…Even if you only have one or two friends (most people don’t) those one or two friends could have thousands of friends that you don’t know. Post things on Facebook and ask your friends and family to repost, comment, and like your post in order to gain traction and be seen by many people you may not even know. When it comes to using Twitter and Instagram it can become a lot easier to reach a massive audience that you may not even know by using the Hashtag feature. When ever you Hashtag something people that search for that Hashtag will see it even if they aren’t following you. Search Twitter trending and Instagram top hashtags to find the most viewed hashtags the time you’re about to post. Incorporate one of those hashtags into your post and watch the views start to pile on.

  2. Use a site like Quora. When I was just starting out The Daily Nickel - Money, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, & Education I used Quora as a free way to drive traffic to our website and help people solve problems that were related to our primary topics. Quora has thousands of viewers a day and answering questions and including a link can help people to see your awesome content. It will be a little harder because your content is paid unlike The Daily Nickel - Money, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, & Education, but you can find many people that may be interested in what you have to say.

  3. Reddit is a huge hub too. Just like Quora participating in threads on Reddit can help others to see who you are and what you are promoting. Reddit is a great place to get people to see what you have to say and drive traffic to your book.

  4. Guest write on a blog. Find a blog that has something to do with your book, brand, company, or product and email the blogger. Many of them will let you advertise for free if you write them a great article, and you will be able to reap the massive following they may have. Read this article on Building a Brand to learn how to build your own brand around your book and write a great article for these blogs. Overall, if you just put something online without even trying to market it you may sell or two through organic traffic, but marketing is the best way to make money. Follow these four steps to get a little free marketing and traffic to your ebook, website, cafe, or blog immediately.

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