Rethinking Money...

I need a job to make money, I need more money, and I’m not making enough money are all the many different lines that most people hear or say about money. Money is something that we are tied to via society and there really isn’t any way to make it go away. Yet, how often do you think about money and could the way you think about money be the reason you aren’t making more of it. Below are five tips on how to change the way you think about money, that will, in turn, help you to make more of it. 

  1. Money is not the endgame. Money is the result of work and is the end game of going to work for most people, but it is not the end result in life. Once you realize that money is a tool to help you better live your life you will be freed from the idea that you need tons more money. Work for the sake of working towards things not towards more money. Whether it is retiring early and saving your money, starting a family, or buying a house set a goal for what you want to do with this money. Don’t just think that I need more money because Money is not the end of the line. 

  2. The job is not about money. This idea is a little easier said than done, but if you can master this one you can make more money and live happier. A job is something that you should love to do, no matter how bad or horrible if you work at it long enough you can make it better. If you go to work every day with the attitude of making money and not working at something you love than you are never going to be happy. No being happy will translate to making less money, which will lead to further unhappiness, and thus loving your job no matter how crummy or great it is, is the best way to live a happier life and make more money doing it. 

  3. Use your money don’t let your money use you. Money is a tool in life like I said earlier, but when you allow yourself to work for money and not let your money work for you, you are not helping anyone. Instead of just putting your money in the bank you should invest, buy bonds, property, stocks, or anything that will make you money. When you are at work earning money your money should also be at work earning you even more. Don’t just let it sit in the bank, or where ever, use it to further your own wealth. 

  4. Spend your money. This idea is the idea that money is made to eventually be spent. If you have money and are making enough don’t just invest or tuck it all away, but instead, have fun with it a little. Buy new things that will further your knowledge, to help you make more money, spend it on clothes that will help you fit a different part at work, or just spend it on making your kids happy. Remembering money is a tool to be spent will drastically reduce the amount of stress that you are going to be under at any given money. 

  5. Money is just paper. Yes, living in poverty is hard, yes having no money is hard, yes not making ends meet is horrible, and yes we all need money to survive, but what good does that money do for you if you work yourself into the ground to get it. At some point, you need to know that you’ve put your best foot forward and now you’re just going to have to stop. (This doesn’t mean give up, this means understand when you’ve done all you can and be ok with saying it) Don’t get over stressed, calm down and understand what you can do to make more money and implement it. 

Thus, these five money tricks all have a running string through them. You can try just one of them or you can try all of them, and if you work just one idea out you can drastically reduce your stress. Working on how you think about money is the key to making more of it. Good Luck! 

Saliba Faddoul Jr.Comment