Why Dreaming is the KEY to Success

Get your head out of the clouds, pay attention, and don’t risk it are words that parents, mentors, and teachers tell students every day throughout the world. While it may not encapsulate every conversation had by people it does represent a huge majority of the things that authority figures love to tell kids. 


In my opinion, these words are by far the worst things that you can tell any student, and luckily for me, my parents, teachers, mentors, and friends have always been supportive of all the dreams and plans that I have had. Here are five reasons why dreams can be very important to young and old entrepreneurs and students. 

  1. A dream is an idea that has yet to be created. Contrary to popular belief dreaming is not a waste of time and in actuality, the only way any company or idea is founded is because someone dreamed it up one day. Dreaming about a product, invention, or idea is the only way that you are going to come up with something creative, and only when you act on that dream are you able to truly start working towards making it a reality. 

  2. Dream Big. “Those that dream small will always stay small,” is a quote I’ve heard many times throughout my life. It is the foundation of every decision I make and by far one of the best rules that I follow. No matter how preposterous or weird the idea may be I dream it, believe in it, and work to see if it will work. That being said I don’t believe any dream is too small, I believe that thinking small is the problem. Instead of thinking about owning one business, think about dominating the entire sector. No matter how preposterous it may sound the only way you're going to make it big is to start by dreaming big. 

  3. No dream is too small. This may sound like it is at odds with the second tip, but in actuality, you must know that every dream must start small. The dream itself may be for example to own a chain of major malls throughout the country, but obviously (unless you're already rich) that may not be the plausible route to start. Instead understand that you must start with something small, build your capital, and then your dream can start to become a reality. 

  4. Dreaming inspires creativity. Although dreaming may seem like a waste of time, you never know which dream will be the next big thing. The idea of sparking creativity, whether it be the best or worst idea, is by far one of the most important things any person can have. That being said a dream will allow you to flow through the creative juices, and with each day a new dream can spark an even better idea than the one before the last.

  5. Dreaming is natural, and telling someone to stop is like telling them to stop breathing. This is the last major reason that parents should stop telling their kids to stop dreaming, and to me, it is the most important reason of them all. This is because when a person tells someone to stop flowing through the creative juices than they are telling them that their ideas and opinions are worthless. Whether it is a dream to be a doctor or invent the next version of the car, the only way that will happen is if we allow people to actuality do it without feeling like it is a waste of time. 

These are the five reasons every person no matter their age should never stop dream, and parents, no matter how much of a waste of time they think it is, should stop telling their children to stop dreaming. These reasons are why a person must work for it, strive for it, and believe in their dreams. 

Saliba Faddoul Jr.Comment