10 Simple Tips on Money, Productivity, & Education

Unlike the regular article of the day today's post is 10 simple and easy tricks for making money, investing money, saving time, and learning in a different way. We have purposefully left these open-ended, loose, and up for interpretation. We are testing the waters on these types of posts for a day, and please comment and tell us what you think.

1. Don't put your money in the bank. 

2. Think about your money like you would think about a kid. It needs time and attention to grow. 

3. Money is not your endgame it is just the start. 

4. Wake up early. Sleep Early. Don't think about time something that is ending soon, but as something you have all of it in the world. 

5. Eat Breakfast with your morning news, this saves time and makes sure you can get the most important meal of the day in. 

6. Start thinking about money in a way that makes you more money. Do this by thinking what you can not spend your money on and instead of saving your money. Invest it in stocks, portfolios, bonds, and eventually real estate.  

7. Exercise early and don't forget to exercise. Set a schedule and keep to it. No matter the cost of the schedule just get up and do it. 

8. Make a list of ten things that you are good at, love to read about, know something about and INVEST in something that you know. It could be as simple as a food company you eat every day. 

9. Study with a purpose. Don't just think about memorizing and don't just think about learning. Instead, do the work and find a way to relate to it, and by doing this you will learn it because you enjoy it. 10. 

10. Make friends that can help you to achieve your goals in life and hang around people that don't have the same mind or opinions that you have. Knowing the different parts of the world, their opinions, thoughts, beliefs, cultures, and religions will help you to gain money by investing in things you may not at first understand or know. 

Thank you for reading the random ten tips on Money, Productivity & Education. These take a while to come up with and remember are intentionally not very deep like our usual articles. Please make them deep and interesting by engaging with us on Twitter or in our comments sections. 

Saliba Faddoul Jr.Comment