Courses Needed to Start a Fashion Company

The fashion industry is huge, and the subjects that you are going to want to study depend on the role that you plan on taking in your company. If you intend on running the entire thing with little to no help I would recommend the following courses. 

  1. Intro to Finance Courses: To learn to handle money and the finances of your business. This will also teach you about tax obligations and other majorly important payments that need to be made annually.

  2. Intro to Marketing: In order to start any company your going to need to know how to market the company. You need to know how to sell the products you are intending to buy, make, import, or whatever. If you are intending on simply selling products with major names such as Calvin Klein or INC. you should understand how to advertise your store differently than the major companies like Macy’s already do. If you’re going to work to build your own brand you need to know how to tell your story, your companies story, and the story of your product.

  3. Intro to Fashion: I’m not an expert in fashion and don’t know everything about the industry, but I’ve taken a course in retail fashion company entrepreneurship. If you intend on being in the space you should learn all about the space. How to handle different fabrics, different prints, responding to fast fashion, inventory on hand, availability in sizes, and dealing with all the moving parts of outsourcing the creation of your clothes or how to create your clothes from scratch.

  4. Design Courses: Whether or not you're going to be making your clothes for the fashion retail industry you’re going to need to learn how to design things around your custom brand. Learn about Building a Brand with our article here, and think about the steps it will take to implanting the differences in designs that are constantly changing.

  5. Business and Management Courses: Learning about all the rungs of business will really help you to better understand what it takes to run any type of business and management courses teach you to manage the moving parts of a business. It is very important that you understand the difference between these two because one teaches you to manage vendors, inventory, rent, and other essential parts of a business, where management teaches you to manage the employees, designers, and movement of the stores that you will create. Answer these FIVE Questions BEFORE your Start your Business

This article may be a little exclusive to the fashion industry at first glance, but you can substitute the design and fashion courses for any industry that you want to study. For example if you want to start a news company take more media related studies courses, or a financial company would require more economic courses. The basis for the article is responding to one of our readers, but the idea can apply to starting any major company or store. While these are just some of the few courses that you should look into to start a fashion retail store they are the main essential courses to get you going. If you have further in-depth questions on this subject our team can help, just shoot us an email via our contact page on our website. We love to hear from anyone that needs help and will respond to every concern.

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