Anyone can make Money

Anyone can make money. You'll realize that this is a statement and not a question, and the truth of the matter is anyone can make money. We are not simply talking about a few thousand dollars a month, we are talking about hundreds of thousands a month, millions a year, and eventually, live a very comfortable life. Making money is not difficult and most people that make real money share these five common traits. This article won't teach you to get rich but it will teach you the five things/ qualities that most rich people have in common.  

1. Aspiration. The story of the underdog is one that everyone loves to listen to, read, or watch, but the story is not what you should be watching. You should be looking at the end of the story the part where the underdog has risen through the ranks through his/her own aspirations for achieving their goals. People that are rich don't just sit around waiting for greatness to happen they get out there and find greatness. They're the last one in the office and the first ones there every morning and nothing can stand between them and their goals.  

2. They like their jobs. Most people that are successful in their perspective fields for some reason or another actually like what they are doing. The idea of doing something you love and never working a day in your life is the key that we are going for here. When you do things that you love it is proven that you will excel at it, provided you put effort, heart, and passion into it. Doing what you love is the easiest way for anyone to make money.  

3. They don't give up! Knowing or having aspirations to do something is one thing, but actually implementing and taking on the hard tasks is the hardest part of everything. People that give up are not going to make money because quitting when the going gets tough will only lead to an excellent career as a quitter. I've known tons of people that think that when something gets too hard they have to hang their hat up and go, but the ones that stay and fight through the challenges are the ones that hit it big.  

4. They don't do it for the money. This is something that most people find hard to understand, but if you remember the second point you'll realize how this makes perfect sense. When you're doing something you love you aren't doing it for the money, instead, you are doing it for the sheer joy in actually doing it. This idea of doing something for love and then letting the money come to you is the key to success. When you do something with the intention of getting rich your focus will never be on the thing you're doing but on the money, you hope to make. So do something you love and find a way to make money off of it. 

5. They stay POSITIVE. When the going gets tough it's easy to give up and get down, but giving up or lack there of is not the same as staying positive. Staying positive is important when you realized you made a big mistake, missed a deadline, or don't know something because when you get negative in these moments you can lose a lot of what you built. Staying positive and knowing that everything happens for a reason is the only way people become successful.

Thus, these are the five traits that everyone that makes money has in common, and only when you actually embody these traits will you be successful in whatever you do.   

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